Zoe Allison-Rockingbear          Ceremonies_2

My work has always included the mystical and sacredness in all life. As an Artist my themes often reference our historical places of ceremony.  My studies in Buddhism and the Mayan Culture have offered me a worthy path to connect with the divine beings and take the chances to be changed by them. I have encouraged others to connect with the four aspects of themselves as I see it, being the Warrior, Healer, Artist, and Visionary. We all have these facets in our character.  Within the time and space to examine these attributes we all can move more  easily to find ourselves as sacred human beings on this earth walk and into the worlds of our dreaming of our future self.

Ceremonies_1Since the 2012 countdown of time; many of us have welcomed the new levels of participation in the reverence of life and nature.  We choose to feel more of our connection to the world of nature and the natural realms of healing and dreaming.

We are Dreaming our life awake and the simplicity of being Earth bound at this time is giving all of us; an opportunity to close the gaps.  We can all make positive changes in what we want to see for the future of mankind.

In the past we have deepen our lives through evolutionary struggles; and now we are to allow ourselves to emerge with and into our full potential.  Once we can see beyond our own sense of self-imposed limitations we can move into this space which allows for the communion of souls. You will find likeminded people on the journey into our future.

Shift your consciousness by raising your vibration and aligning with the Universal Source.  Through this connection; sacred space and art will allow the creation of all possibilities.  All the worlds – inner and outer are interrelated and each reflects the other. As you shift your perceptions of the outside world, being engage in art as the maker or the observer you will shift in your responces.  This is the magic of bringing yourself back into tune with the movements and impulses of the broader world, outside of time you responds in a creative way becoming more expansive and supported by the Universal Source.

Everything is alive with energy. By gaining a much deeper connection with the world, you develop a richer, multi-faceted relationship to the source of power within.

Art like Shamanism may be thought of as a system of knowledge that comes from a process of seeing with the heart for the purpose of accessing spiritual guidance leading to balanced and a fulfilled life. Balance happens, when you come into the space of what you think, say and do are the same.


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