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Return of Seven Shaman to Peru                    

Walking in the Stars.      Sacred Journey to Peru    Journeys_Peru

Zoe and Lanz-Inka El Tiburon Blanco, Vaxac-Kan carrier of sounds and memory, Victory over death of great mountains – Martita, Thunder Heart, and Maximillian

The Universe did come to our assistance on a recent trip of seven shamans to Peru. Spirit created space for us to flow with the Count of the Days. Day keeping has its own reward.  “Humbling when you see how counting for the collection of beings can create pathways of ease and success.  It is always a pleasure to find oneself in that space of creating life though dreaming your life into being.” A ten day window calculated to make use of the count of time at end of the time count February 17 -26 2008.  Allowed seven shadowy figures long time traveling companions this life and others.  To moving in and out of stone monoliths, caves, springs, terraces of grains and foods, and secret buried heads of Gods. The Mountain Gods/angels Ajpus greeted us with the missions of what we should be doing while we there at this time, and later the gates were open by sacred leafs, tobacco and gratitude. Where we found the primordial waters of this Creation and in seats carved from stone became our thrones of initiations.  This place of examination of nature was our world of illusion.  We listened to tradition songs and the sounds of rattles and drums. Our initial ceremony came next to a small stream.  We gathered our group under the spring rain, with rattles and songs to establish our clarity of intent and purification. We began to call to the Ajpus, creating unity of purpose for the group of seven. As we began our first sphere of many daily walks we circled SAGSAYWAMAN a archeological site, where we poised like condors waiting for the strong colored traditionally dress meteorite encrusted shaman with beaded white snow beads of glass and stone.  We were assisted to surrender our acknowledgments to Spirit, as we worked to understand Creator inside of us co-creating Heaven on Earth.  Our luminous bodies began to show itself to each other. It was time to give up judgment of how Spirit would be working with us.  We were asked to pray to unseen forces for inspiration for ourselves, and to know the truth in all matters.  Urabamba farmers market for food was celebrated with more food than we can remember. We found chickens of every size and colored guinea pigs of friendly soft fur, ripe for the eating.  Sheep with unfamiliar tethers and wool for spinning and leaves for chewing in high Andean altitudes all creating a tapestry of brightly colored textiles framing each face of different tribes and villages. Making it difficult to choose which belt or hat or package you had to have this day. Later on a lonely road next to a river we climbed high into a cave of special significance for these well fed travelers.  Seeking clarity for our actions we created altars including prayers to the Ajpus of Peru and the Mountain Angels of Western North Carolina to work in collaboration with us on our journey as we worked with our personal altars while we listen to the drum. Counting ourselves lucky to be in OLLANTAYTAMBO, we were prompted by a full lunar eclipse, where the sky would be more open and approachable for visioning with our connections to our earthly soul mate the moon.  In OLLANTAYTAMBO we had the ceremony of the Munay Ki for calling in our future selves and Light bodies, sealing it all with the lunar moon.  Letting the fullness of the eclipse to drop away that which was no longer need or appropriate for the seven.   Then we were off Machu Picchu.  The government tried to take over the peoples’ rights to share their beautiful archeological sites (where tourism is 60 % of the people’s money) a two day strike stopped the flow the people, created a change in our plans. We circumvented the strike.  The government choosing to disrupt the tourists plans of examining their own desires.  The people gathering needed the juice of our ancient ancestors.  The terraced lives of the people to plant and thrive in these mountains, is more important than the government’s greedy preoccupation with the money of the tourists. We all need to complete our own understanding of these complicated architectural sites.  The strike was a good example of how the people need to care and share for these ancient wisdom sites.  Large boulders trees and stones of every size complicated any overland travels, during the strike.  All the trains were stopped, except for ours that took us from Ollantaytambo to Aguas Caliente.  All the surrounding travelers through the country side from Cuzco to Machu Picchu were halted for two days.  We had Machu Picchu for two days all to ourselves. Machu Picchu is not a place that one can easily describe or give full reverence for without completing ones remarks with awe and expansion. To be there when few others are was indeed a great gift.  Sounded with flutes of encouragement and transformation to lift heavy loads this time if only cameras, we scampered in high places, looking for nooks and grannies that we all had been told about.  Soft chinchillas greeted us around the altar of the condor with its sixteen foot wings.  A rainbow marked our entrance to the Intiwatana stone, the last hitching post to the sun to survive the Spanish attentions.  Water channels cut in the stone created patterns; technical wonders one of the true gifts of the Machu Picchu lands.  With all the marvel centered around us it was still a amazing thing to consider that the next day we would make our way up the steps of Wayna Picchu all 1,858 steps the great creator mountain shown in all of the panoramic pictures of  Machu Picchu.  Yes we climbed and reached the top. The next day we traveling by rail from Aguas Calientes, as we left many people encouraged us to gather in new textiles for our altars and to belt ourselves with new energy and protection.  These textiles cannot be overly stated as being some of the finessed in the entire world. We continued our travels across the country side through the well tilled lands and crops of multi-colored potatoes and squash, rue.  Our van moved across beautiful vistas of elevations of 11,000 ft. to 8,000 ft. You could feel it all. During the rainy season the beauty and abundance of all colors of green marked every panorama.  We made footsteps like llamas, sheep and goats to create shoes full of dark streaks of mud and sticks. We were reminded often that we were here to go slowly and to remember each strong moment in our lives.  That is what is important, for us to be in the fullness of each moment. Temple of the moon…  And Temple of the Jaguar; ….but that’s another story. Back in Cuzco, standing in cold streets with hail and snow rippling through the luminous beings we found the need for great music, Peruvian coffee and chocolate cake.  For our last meeting with the Mountain Ajpus we walked while others tried to include us in their overly stuffed cabs to join in their festivities, we were reminded that the Mountain Gods and Ajpus had greeted us with our personal missions, and later celebrated with us with gifts that we were asked to bring. Questions were allowed and everyone came away clear that this was a moment to remember in our lives.



Birthing of the Light

Riding in the comfort of a Cadillac we travel quite contented from Mexico to Vera Cruz.  Seeing the UFO lights as we came into the town from the dessert plains, to the city of Pueblo, in the jungle lands of Flores, picking up some more shaman and a young driver Juanito.  We traveled across to the Yucatan visiting the site of Coba to observer eagles of all the colors. Pink, White, Brown and Black Eagles showing  us a whale in the sky that ate hummingbirds to strengthen his heart.  Later moving to a site close to Tulum we gathered on the beach at twilight.  Striking drums to increase the energy of our ceremony.  Nine months prior to this birthing, some of the shaman had visited sites across Mexico to fertilize the embryo. On this beach a Maiden, Mother and Crone held hands and moved into the warm Caribbean waters to watch for the sign given to us by the whale the day before.  In the azure light of the sky the whale reappeared and swallowed the ball of light.  This was the sign we were looking for, the birthing of the new humans.  This is the time for us to claim our Light Body Activation.  We went into the sea completely to be reborn in the new light.   We send prayers for humankind.   AHO Creator.


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