The story about Earth Green Medicine Lodge

 Earth Green Medicine Lodge

Earth Green Medicine Lodge was co-founded in 1990 with Zoe Allison and Will Rockingbear; who in January of 2013, crossed over.

Earth Green Medicine Lodge is a spiritual center offering year round retreats and workshops to individuals, couples and groups in search of a deeper spiritual consciousness. The teachings at the Lodge promote clarity of mind, right relations, and proper action. We want individuals to live in harmony with others and nature. Activities include prayer, meditation circles, drumming, singing and ceremony.

Traditional ceremonies, of sweat lodge, medicine fires and dream circles, dreaming with the drum, and private consultations with Zoe are all parts of creating a new healing consciousness for our minds, body and spirit. The lodge has been sponsoring Vision Quests each year since 1992 in the United States and Mexico. Over 180 have quested since then.

All are encourage toward personal transformation.  Finding your particular Medicine Path for self-healing and integration is important can develop your individual skills.  The Earth Green Medicine Lodge is based on a firm commitment for your harmony in your life and that same approach to others for the care of our Mother Earth.”

 Co-Founder of Earth Green Medicine Lodge

 Obituary  Will Rockingbear

May 7th, 1935 – January 11th, 2013

Will Rockingbear, Wilimi Yona Dilugesgi was the sparkling blue eyed son of Leonard and Olive, loving father to Kim and Brad, and grandfather of Christi, Amy, David and Brad. He was the great-grandfather of four. Born and educated in California he attended University of Southern California for his Masters in Social Work, as a clinical psychologist he worked in clinics throughout California, Washington and Alaska. After driving to Alaska in an old school bus that he had customized he also started an auto body shop.

Rockingbear was a counselor, Teacher, Wisdom Keeper, and seeker of Freedom. He offered personal consultations, weekly circles, and spiritual teachings throughout the area. Rockingbear and his wife, Zoe Allison, founded Earth Green Medicine Lodge Community, an accessible and inviting spiritual center to people from all walks of life.

For 20 years Rockingbear and Earth Green Medicine Lodge have facilitated the Vision Quest in North Carolina and in her sister communities, Valle de Bravo and Guerrero Chihuahua, Mexico. Both Vision Quest and Rockingbear’s teachings have offered participants a powerful transformative experience, allowing the space and support to heal by letting go of what no longer serves them. He taught that all of creation could be healed in the healing of the individual.

He did his best to love himself unconditionally and to dissolve boundaries, not only between himself and Spirit, but also between himself and all others. He called it, “living life as a Sacred human being”.

Rockingbear’s life and work taught that where there is intelligence and sharing of knowledge, the potentialities rooted in human language can flower in our lives, even at the last hour. It is with honey in our hearts and with much gratitude that we remember a life full of sweet nectar, a drum well played, a motorcycle well-traveled, a joke well told, a vision well dreamed, a song well sung and medicine well lived.

Thank you and go well. We will see you at the fire. Wahdo

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Zoe Allison-Rockingbear

Much of what I teach I found within the practice and study of Buddhism and the study of the Mayan Culture specifically the different calendars. I have searched with my teachers to find the historical, mystical and sacredness in all life. I have found it to be a worthy path to connect with the divine beings and take the chance to be changed by them.

I encourage others to connect with the four aspects of themselves as being the Warrior, Healer, Artist, and Visionary; all these characteristics can help individuals on their earth walk.

I am a Mayan Day Keeper; and I use the Mayan Calendars as a count of the days and the use of the Mayan hieroglyphs, as an astrological window to move people out of the trap of materialism and it’s disconnection to the world of nature and the natural worlds of Dreaming.

We are Dreaming our life awake and the simplicity of being earth bound at this time is giving the ordinary man and woman a chance to see beyond their self limitations and move into a space that allows for living their lives well and with Good Spirits.

ZA En lak’ ech


“You Would !”, Said the Great Bear.

Great Bear, what kind of Creator would create such a mess of suffering, drama and chaos in my life? You Would, said the Great Bear.

Great Bear, what kind of Creator would create such beautiful gardens in my life?  The flowers blooming in union with heaven and Earth. You would, said the Great Bear.

Great Bear, what kind of Creator would despise my creation, put me down, and represses my love?  You would, said the Great Bear.

Great Bear, what kind of creator would bring such mystical wonders, revelations and delight into my life?  You Would, said the Great Bear.

Will Rockingbear was a co-founder with Zoe Allison of Earth Green Medicine Lodge

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