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Article by Audra Coleman  about Zoe in 2008 for Western Carolina Women. 

March 2008 Article by Audra Coleman Western Carolina Woman Volume 7 Issue 3

To write about Zoe Allison-Rockingbear in the linear format that most traditional articles are written ii seems like one big oxymoron, an unavoidable paradox.  Her very namesake, Greek for Life, takes the shape of the sacred hoop she carries.  As a writer, where do I start if I can find no real, recognizable beginning or end?  To simply write her resume with reader friendly catch phrases and popular new age rhetoric would seem somehow superficial, and moreover, tell you nothing of the woman I know her to be.  Although I could use the words visionary, artist, healer, warrior- and all would accurately describe her, I would rather tell you some of what I’ve seen with eyes both open and shut. 

I would tell you I have seen her in the forgotten caves, the one’s left clean off the maps, the ones high up in the red canyons where coyotes abound, here white hair in two braids sleeves rolled up, something boiling on the fire.  She squats sharpening her knife’s edge preparing to cut out what has to die and preparing space for what needs room to live, to thrive.  I would tell you I’ve seen her traveling 80 mph riding her steel pony swallowed by smoke passing mother rattlesnakes sunning themselves on back desert highways.

I would tell you I’ve seen her in a full, wild gallop across the open plains shaking her wild-mare mane, inviting the rest of the herd to see what the wind feels like outside of the corral, bridle and bit free.  I’ve seen her through the smoke in the valley below the stone serpent’s temple surrounded by monarch winged warriors.  I would tell you I never know what track, wolf, deer, fox or bear, which she will leave in the snow, if any at all.  I’ve seen her lift others up on her back for a look through turtle’s shell for a different view.  I have seen her send ripples of light spreading out across Crystal Lake.  I’ve seen her teach pups how to find and howl with their pack and I’ve seen her push fledglings out of the nest.  I’ve seen her travel with the drum windsurfing through constellations, somewhere around Orion.  I would tell you I’ve seen her as a small child making squash blossom soup with her mother and one moment later, sewing leather moccasins with another grandmother in the community.  She carries secrets in her medicine bag I wouldn’t dream of asking about before I was ready.

I bet she has quite a booty smuggled from around the globe stashed away in the hull of the ship and I wouldn’t want to be the one to go looking for it uninvited.  I would tell you to be prepared to walk the plank backwards at sword’s edge if you insist on passing off the fool’s gold you carry deep in your pocket as the real thing.  I would tell you to look for her in the heavy fog where the veil is thin.  I would tell you that if she can easily make her way through the thick vines with a machete she knows how to use. She would tell you to learn fast how to play with coyotes.

Article written by Victoria Rose for Urban News,  

May 2007 Article by Victoria Rose  Urban News Volume 2 Issue 3

 Zoe Allison-Rockingbear

Zoe Allison-Rockingbear

Walking the earth in a sacred manner requires respect, humility and personal power. Zoe Allison-Rockingbear’s wisdom and experience of living each day in ceremony has guided her to become a spiritual leader of a spiritual community, Earth Green Medicine Lodge.

Zoe’s humor and vibrant nature are as easily noted as her turquoise with red and purple cowboy boots. She lives with respect for the ancestors and honors the traditions which have been passed down, but also embraces the present moment, actively bringing heart and soul into life. Her long, waving skirts honor the unbroken circle of life. Her rumbling motorcycle involves her in the present. For Zoe, soaring down the Blue Ridge Parkway brings the past and the future into a bridge of emotions.

Zoe received a vision from Laughing Dog and was simply given the message that the name would be Earth Green Medicine Lodge. “That’s how visions often are. Not everything is initially revealed” said Zoe. With ease and humor, Zoe admitted that from the message she was not sure if the lodge would be a purification (sweat) lodge, restaurant, or meeting place; and so the lodge is a great gathering place for individuals and groups, decorated and appointed with the sites and textures of her travels in the Americas.

“There is no arguing with Spirit,” Zoe said. “If you do, you limit the gifts Spirit is willing to share.” Being a visionary since a young age, Zoe was encouraged by her family to develop active relationships with divine beings. She was taught by her elders how to live in a sacred way. Zoe paid attention and has continually shared her gifts, teaching others to embrace their warrior, healer, visionary and artist.

As a spiritual leader, Zoe guides people to manifest and create from a place of sovereignty to gather their personal power. This is done by creating a sacred space for them to listen to what Spirit is saying to them. She offers a weekly sacred circle, personal Natal Destiny Readings, Art Saves Lives Workshops, Mayan Record Keeper Cards, and spiritual retreats, including the Earth Green Medicine Lodge Vision Quest. Zoe’s knowledge as an artist, teacher, author, Ordained Minister in the Science of Mind, Light language and Human Universal Energy Healer, are all integrated to guide others to live truthfully and with balance.

“It is incumbent on the individual to call upon and listen to their personal guides” said Zoe. She lives her own life in ceremony and relies on ritual for guidance, while avoiding becoming a slave to it. The intent is to allow ritual to bring growth and change where necessary rather than remaining static.

“My work involves a journey deep within to find joy, to reform patterns no longer needed, to help people prepare to shatter old beliefs of domestication and to learn new respect for the communal dream,” Zoe said.

For more information about Zoe Allison-Rockingbear, visit her website, or email her at

Article written by Victoria Rose for Urban News,



“In shifting into this time of our movement and measure, Zoey has given opportunities to create sacred Drum, travel thru time to Mayan pyramid sites and to sit in sacred circles.  These ceremonies all known previously, brought back to the now.  Each key gives life to life, understanding to a greater mystery.  I strongly agree with any feelings you have to sit, work, travel and enjoy this Mayan Record Keepers gifts. ” Ahau Ocha

“I am grateful to have an opportunity to express my joy at having found a path where I walk with all sentient beings and with enlightened beings.  Zoe is one of the enlightened.  How glad I was to find that there are people who participate in this mundane world and at the same time have connections to the stars and the universe beyond. In walking with Zoe, I have found that there is magic here.  I have many, many stories of our adventures and travel with Zoe. It seems that I would rather like to share them in person when the time and place allow.  I would like to say that my life is so incredibly much lighter, I have more understanding and hope since that day when I met Zoe Allison Rockingbear.   Thank you Zoe! ” Marta

“I have traveled and studied with Zoey for 11 years now.  What a joy to have this beautiful being teach on how to easily climb a pyramid, walk into a sacred site.   Protected, manifesting and living in a journey rather than a guided tour.  5 stars.”  Okra 

“WOW!  what a fun tour guide 2001,  as well as knowledgeable about the different sites.   Well planned ahead of time and a good driver to boot.”  Laurie Smith

“There are so many ways that you have affected and enriched my life. Being in ceremonies with you, sitting in circle, being of service; these have all been opportunities to learn from you. There are countless teachings I have learned from you over the years that have enhanced my awareness and increased my consciousness. My connection with Spirit, the earth, the animals, the people and All That Is has deepened and grown because of you. In so many ways, my life is more meaningful and full. Reconnecting to Native American teachings has given me a reverence for life. I also have deep gratitude for you, for who you are, for what you do, and for all of the ways you show up to be the messenger for Spirit. Thank you for being a wise teacher, for sharing your gifts, for seeing the potential in every one, and for all of the ways you walk in beauty and encourage others to do the same. With love and gratitude, ”Rain

“What words to tell you that I am only alive today for having called this community to me.  I dream my life different than the 40 years I had known before.  Zoe and the Elders here help me to see my own reflection of who I am and where I’m going. I have danced with them in beauty and grace around the Vision Quest fire. I have sat with her in the creation of drums, rattle and moccasins. I’ve breathed the life of Sweat Lodge poured at her hand. And the brilliance of Light Language has found its way to me through her teachings. The story she brings rides the river inside us where our ancestors flow and touch the dreams and memories in the blood. My words are too small to show you all the beauty, just know that my life is full and blooming from all the ways that she taught me to feed the holy.” Tim


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