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Recent. PAINTINGS in 2017

I was introduced to the use of liquid paints by two artists friends Norbert Irvine (1936- 2015) and his wife Lisa Ringlespaugh 1955- in their experimental studio in Asheville, NC.  I have been exploring techniques’ using acrylics paint since 2012, before that using mostly, colored pencils and water-color.

I am incorporating paint manipulations experimented by the Mexican muralist David Alfaro Siqueiros.  Who is credited using an accidental painting technique. Those patterns would result from, “Rayleigh-Taylor” instability of a viscous gravity currents. 

Since working with textile design and weaving from 1976-1986.  It was a natural use of the canvas to move to a horizontal surface. After this move, I began painting with my canvases laid out on the studio floor, or textile table. Here using a more direct pour of the paints.  This is what was called by Jackson Pollack as his “drip” technique.  In my current paintings; what is beginning to happen are painted patterns and fractals, which will occur within the paint itself, due to the multiplicity of each paints different viscosity, and the chemicals used.                                                               

These techniques use a combination of paint pouring’s, the viscous flow of the paint, as well as the force of gravity, and the absorption of paint into the canvas and wooden boards.  I do use several other tools to create textures including brushes, palette knives, sticks, plastic ware, straws, tape and cutouts in vegetables on the canvases.  The movement of my body, which is determined by the space I have, and the control, of each of these viscous flow of different paints, the force of gravity, and the absorption of paint into the canvas or wood. All create a mixture of controllable and uncontrollable factors; flinging, dripping, pouring, and spattering, all of these in the semi-liquid paint.  This complexity of the different chemicals, controls the paints actions, and what I am creating with.  I love the technical part of some of the formulas using the weights of certain paints, pouring mediums, gels and paint mediums to react with the paint, all changing the very character, of what you are using. 

Some of my paintings include a collection using the hieroglyphics of the twenty counts of the days found in the Mayan calendar to explore this world, explained to me by my Mayan teachers and elders. I continue to use the historical references found in the three great fields of Science, Architecture, and Math.  And you will find these references in some of the work. The human interpretations of these worlds have lead me into the worlds of Shamanism, Healing and Sacred geometry.  I am a representative of a 25 generational lineage of Light Language which uses sacred geometry to heal situations, locations, and people.  You will find this influence in my paintings; as well.  I have included some scenic landscapes of sites; to give a context of places I have visited and where teachings were given. Scenes include Oceans, Jungles, and mountains of North America to South America.

My background with shamanism has expanded my imagery to adapt and expand to the changes of energies happing all around us.  It is in this connection that you as the viewer and myself as the artist are being invited to feel once again.  It is what connects all of us and brings us into harmony. Being related with nature, and remembering our connection to all that is.  This intelligence of the Earth and of nature; is the consciousness we are able to become part of; as the global intelligence itself.  In this essence we can connect with nature’s consciousness, and free ourselves from illusions of separation.

As an artist I seek to use these awareness’s to enable myself to move into the space/time continuum, where there is no time.  Time jumping is to make more time for painting, traveling and cooking.  This is called being a time bandit!

The use of light language in my paintings uses the sacred geometrical shapes of the Platonic shapes, As the Masters of Light Language have taught us; we can recreate the world and here we can move into the different dimensions.  Healing ourselves!  We can engage and receive from the stars to here.  There is a multiplicity of realms here to engage with, the Universal Frequency of the Divine.

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