Drum Creation Ceremony

Longed-for good ones of this Spring’s march to the other side of winter’s strong winds. May you find yourself with the longing to move from the space of your Winters Cave with the introspection that your own drum can bring to you.  We will work with your skillful means and noble hands to create this deep medicine for you.

Welcome to the Drum Creation Ceremony with Zoe Allison-Rockingbear, I look forward to looking in your eyes and celebrating with you this ancient ceremony with the gifts of calling in your own helpers, guides, protectors and ancestors.  Our ancestors have been enjoying this part of the creation of personal medicine, since the beginning of sound. Our celebrations and spiritual ceremonies have always led us to ways to contact Creator directly and get the attention of the spirits we work with. I hope that you will consider working with the teachings around the drum to create a container for the strong energies of the great Central Drum.  The different beats of the drum with our songs and dances will always serve you well.  The close ties and connection you can have with the Great Mystery starts with the blending of your voice and your drum.  The heartbeat of Mother Earth responds easily as you learn to recognize your part in this active healing of ourselves and Mother Earth.

The drum we will make is a 3″ bent wood frame drum you will be expected to complete your drum that day.  We will be using lacing of cow and elk.  Each person will find in ceremony help from the ancestors with their drum.   This work is done in ceremony and is intense.  It does require your concentration and you will learn many things about yourself.  Surprise yourself with the gift of this strong medicine tool.

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